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Wonder & The One

Driving across Twin Bridges on my way to school one early morning this past week, I once again saw the beauty and mystery of our world. Immediately, a new idea came to mind and I wanted nothing more than to get it written down.

"As the black abyss lay seemingly stagnant, the ghosts of mist pirouette in current."

This world lends such beauty that beckons for us to notice. We are often busy with the bustle of life that we overlook such wonder. I am so grateful for this gift of music God has given me. However, as some see it as a gift, I feel it to be equally a responsibility. I feel and see around me such pain and anguish, such heartbreak and despair, and such joy and passion that I feel it necessary to offer a musical comment.

So, look around you and, for a moment, forget all that troubles you. Look at nature's landscape and escape to the One who created it all. Feel His presence and listen. He is there. He is always there, we simply need to slow down and listen.

Until next time...

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