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But the Music Doesn’t Care

Updated: May 6, 2020

So I was searching for repertoire for my middle school and high school bands and as I was looking on a popular distribution website, I realized none of the works that I had narrowed my list down to were by any female composers/arrangers. Then I thought, “Wait! I KNOW there are female composers and arrangers out there. So why aren’t their names here?” Then another realization came to mind,

“Oh yeah...

There’s a different list for them (for us).

I never thought I really needed a label other than my name. As a composer who happens to be female, I simply want my music to be programmed for its own merit, not because I’m female. I want my music to be on the same list that I’ve been perusing for years. I get why we are getting more exposure and being “highlighted” on a concert and I deeply appreciate it as a composer (especially as an emerging composer) looking to simply have my voice heard/performed. I wish we could move beyond the NEED for the “highlight”.

The music doesn’t discriminate.

I grew up believing that music was the place-the world-where that didn’t matter. Music isn’t a bully, music isn’t mean, music doesn’t discriminate. Music shares and bares all emotions for the world to simply feel and reflect upon. Music connects people. It connects people with each other and it connects people with themselves. It also connects us all to a wisdom that cannot be understood or experienced in any other manner. It opens our minds to questions about ethics, morals, humanity, even existence. This is why I am a composer. This is why I am a performer. THIS is why I am a musician.

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