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This lively grade 3 jig is accessible while challenging the technique of the woodwinds and trumpets and the tone and articulations of the low brass.  A great teaching tool and an all around fun piece!

With soaring melodies above undulating rhythms, this grade 4.5 work for symphonic band depicts an epic flight of the mythical creature, Pegasus.  The lively, quick pace continues to build tension even while the sweeping melody attempts to calm the beast.

Inspired by Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings", this work in two movements for wind band is an exploration of human connection and the truth that there are always strings attached.  It is no simple love story, but a story of friendship, hope, desire, passion, sadness, pain, and a love that endures.

This grade 1.5 work for young concert band is sure to please the kids with imagery of dancing skeletons.

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Wind Ensemble/Concert Band

Chamber Works

This work for Mezzo, Piano, chamber strings, and fixed media tells the story of a woman longing to see her lover.  

For Counter-Tenor, Harp, and Piano, this work is music set to Alexander Pope's poem "Solitude".  While the timbre of the countertenor itself creates an eerie mood, the addition of the harp and piano provide a more ethereal quality to the music.  

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Solo Works

Grade 4 Solo for Tuba and fixed media

Grade 4 solo for Trombone and fixed media.

Barren Recollections

An introspective work for Horn and piano originally written in 1998.  

Grade 3 Solo for Five Unaccompanied Timpani

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Orchestral Works

This three movement work is for Alto Saxophone and chamber orchestra.


 How can any war be won or lost?  It is simply a never-ending battle that brings us to a war neither we nor our enemies can win.  It is the means to our end.

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