Works for Band

*Metaphysical Travels

Work for Marimba, Adaptable Wind Ensemble, & Fixed Media (for as few as five players).

This work is adaptable for your young players to your more mature players alike.

*Transient Luminous Events FLEX Score

Grade 3 FLEX score for band or orchestra.

*Transient Luminous Events

Grade 3 work for band with piano.

* The Veil Nebula

Grade 3 fanfare for Band and Theremin.

* The Aerialist

Grade 3 Sousa-inspired concert march.

* The Aerialist FLEX Score

Grade 3 Sousa-inspired concert march.  FLEX Arrangement

* MacFarlane's Lantern

A lively grade 3+ jig for band.

* The Oath

Grade 5 work for wind band.

* Pegasus In Flight

Grade 5 work for band.

* Skeleton Scherzo

Grade 1 work for young concert band.

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Orchestral Works

* Lost War

Grade 4 work for Alto Sax and orchestra.

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Chamber Works

* Ode on Solitude

For Counter-Tenor, Harp, and Piano.

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Solo Works

* Mystic Domain

Grade 4 solo for Trombone and fixed media.

* Barren Recollections

An introspective work for Horn and piano.

* Day of Reckoning

Grade 4 Solo for Tuba and fixed media

* Falling Apart

For Mezzo Soprano, piano, and fixed media

* Kettle Corn

Grade 3 Solo for Five Unaccompanied Timpani

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