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Perspective & Purpose

Perspective. It's all a matter of perspective.

Imagine two rocks that lie at the bottom of these trees looking up. One rock looks up at the screen filtering sunlight and thinks how heart-wrenching it feels to see these once bare and skinny seedlings grown into a canopy that now surrounds its once beautiful view of the bright warm sunlit sky. The other rock looks up and thinks how heart-warming it is to see these once small, bare trees grown strong and tall into a beautiful canopy that now protects it from the heat above. Both rocks have been in the same environment and have witnessed the same growth, however, their perspectives differ substantially. The first rock sees what is unfair and it resents the existence of the trees for the simple fact that they have grown taller and are fulfilling their purpose which seems much greater than the rock's. The other rock sees the glory in the trees' growth and is grateful for them fulfilling their purpose because their existence is conjoined with the rock's. The latter rock understands that it has helped those trees grow tall by providing a barrier that repels growth of other foliage. It also understands that it is not the only rock responsible for that barrier, it is one part of a larger ring of rocks that keep the trees' water supply sustained. So this rock understands its symbiotic relationship with the trees.

It is all a matter of perspective. Do not fail to see your importance in this world and the world beyond. We all have a purpose here and we will begin to understand it once we begin to realize how symbiotic our relationships truly are.

Do not regret any relationships, learn from them.

Take a moment to reflect on how that relationship came to be and internalize that moment. Did you need the other, or did they need you, or was it more symbiotic? What did that person teach you? What did that situation teach you? More importantly, what did it all teach you about yourself?

Please take time to think. Sit in the quiet of your mind and really ponder. You simply have to open your eyes and your heart to the truth. Don't allow others to hold you back because their perspective is skewed.

Until next time...

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