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That Ah! Moment

March 11, 2017


I have had a wonderful week on the podium! It began with my high school band students rehearsing David Shaffer's "By Dawn's Early Light". We have been working out the kinks for several weeks and I decided they needed an extra push. So, I informed them that they would play it without me conducting. I would step aside and allow the magic to happen without me in control.

"Wow, you did that WITHOUT me!"

IT WAS AMAZING! There were mistakes; it wasn't perfect. It was music that they made together...beautifully. I felt the humbling of their accomplishment without my assistance, as well as the pride of their accomplishment without me at the helm. But it is what the kids felt and experienced that made it worth every other non-"ah" moment. As I looked at them upon their collective release, their faces lit up with the pride, joy, accomplishment, and love of doing something that would last much longer than that singular moment.

It is that feeling of humanity through music that I hope to share for as long as I am able.

Until next time...

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