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The Ambivert

April 1, 2017

"...ambiverted people are by far the most normal and healthy."

I am your typical ambivert, as a majority of people are according to Adam M. Grant's publication "Rethinking the Extroverted Sales Idea: The Ambivert Advantage". Most of my students and colleagues know me to be an extrovert, but I am equally an introvert. Thus the term ambivert, coined by Professor Kimball Young in his 1927 publication "Source Book for Social Psychology". According to Young, "ambiverted people are by far the most normal and healthy." So here I am finding the irony again: the cause of this question is the answer itself. I don't feel normal and healthy when my extroverted self wants to get things done and be productive (finalize scores, write the music, etc.), yet my introverted self wants nothing more than to ponder upon the multitude of things to get done (those inspirational moments). This makes me wonder if all of the people who's birthdays fall during astrological sign of Libra suffer from this same sense of "normal and healthy" ambiversion.

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