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The Fog is Lifting

There is a path laid out in front of me. I am beginning to see the fog lift as the morning dew evaporates from the untouched blades of grass. The crisp morning air of Fall beckons me to travel this path each day. There have been many turns and bends along the way, but each one has revealed a secret to me and taught me more about my craft and myself.

I am working diligently on preparing for attending the Midwest Clinic in December where I will exhibit my most recent works and reincarnate some older ones. I often return to my previous works and discover that there is room for improvement. I have returned to two very recently and decided to transcribe them for different ensembles. Upon doing this, the music has spoken to me in new ways. So much that I do not even wish to use the original versions. I find that the story was not over or the music has merely evolved into something better, something newer. I feel as though these works are not complete. These need something to bring them to life. Maybe this particular part of my journey is teaching me just that, what they need...what I need.

Until next time...

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