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The Spark & Connecting

I see and feel inspiration surrounding me more and more each day.

This inspiration is a creative spark that has ignited a new and refreshed relationship with God. As I grow closer in my relationship and stronger in my faith, I am able to see and hear more of what God is telling me. He shows me such beauty, splendor, joy, and pain each day. Looking at the still waters of the Spring River or the mist dancing around the cars at school. Whether it is the birth of a new grandchild of a friend or the burden a friend is dealt of a diagnosis which requires much strength and endurance, all present me a moment to connect with God. He inspires me and I feel my soul needs to comment in music. So, you see, music is my deepest and most sincere form of prayer.

I feel His presence everywhere...

and want others to feel and hear what He tells me. The difficulty is managing to get all of these messages out fast enough.

Until next time...

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